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How do you divide a retirement plan in a divorce?

When couples plan to grow old together, that usually means putting money back in retirement accounts. If you end up getting a divorce, however, one of those retirement accounts may have to be split -- especially if one spouse stockpiled significantly more than the other (which isn't uncommon).

Do you really have to disclose all your finances in a divorce?

One of the biggest parts of any divorce process is the division of assets and debts. Unfortunately, many times one spouse (or both) may be somewhat unaware of the other spouse's financial dealings. That's why the court requires both parties to put all their "financial cards" on the proverbial table before the divorce can be settled.

Credit card points, airline miles and divorce

In the modern age, divorce can get tricky. The emotional aspects of a divorce are, naturally, difficult -- and dividing tangible goods can always be problematic. But it can really get rough when couples start to try to figure out how to handle digital assets like credit card points and airline miles.

Could your romance put your business in danger?

You're a creative individual with a lot of passion and drive, so it's no wonder that you attracted someone else with similar characteristics. Now, you're about to be married to a person you can absolutely see as your lifelong partner both in business and in your private life.

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