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Don't forget about these 4 things when dividing marital assets

Marriage and divorce are as much about economics as they are matters of the heart. In fact, a lot of divorce attorneys encourage their clients to try to put their emotions on hold during a divorce and concentrate purely on the financial decisions that need to be made -- because the repercussions of a bad decision during a divorce can last for decades.

What should you know about inheritances, marriage and divorce?

If you either have already inherited, or expect to inherit, any significant assets, it's important to consider how marriage -- and divorce -- could affect those assets. You risk losing them in divorce if you don't take steps now to protect them.

5 quick tips to make dividing marital property easier

Breaking up is hard to do -- but dividing the marital assets is often even harder. Unless you've been married for a very short period of time, you've probably accumulated a lot of stuff with your spouse over the years. Now you have to divide it.

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