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Is it time for a divorce?

How do you know if it's time to call "quits" on your marriage and get a divorce? Absent a sudden, shocking event, many unhappy marriages will drift along for a while simply because neither spouse wants to be the one to upset the status quo.

Can your spouse stop your divorce?

You aren't happy in your marriage and want out -- but your spouse is refusing to acknowledge that the relationship is totally over. You've heard horror stories about people stuck in marriages because their spouse wouldn't agree to a divorce and wonder if it could happen to you.

How to keep your job performance from slipping during divorce

It's difficult not to let your divorce affect every aspect of your world -- but allowing it free rein in your professional life can be career suicide. Even the most understanding of bosses will have a limit to their patience if you aren't performing.

Why is it so hard to keep your friends after a divorce?

It's a common problem: You get divorced and suddenly your social circle -- the people you were counting on to get you through the worst days of the whole process -- shrinks dramatically. Why do so many people find that their friends are suddenly nowhere to be found once they get a divorce?Psychologists say that there are actually several reasons it happens, so you should prepare yourself for this possibility once you make the announcement:

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