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Can you deny visitation over unpaid child support in Hawaii?

After a divorce or when parents aren't married, it's common to have an order of support for the child. The child support is generally paid by parent who doesn't have primary custody of the child to the parent that does. While the paying parent doesn't have control over how that money is spent, it's generally assumed that the money will provide the child with food, shelter, clothing, educational needs and other important items.

What child support obligations do same-sex parents have?

Same-sex couples fought for years to have the right to marry -- and family law is slowly catching up with the fact that same-sex couples now have that right. However, reinterpreting the law in light of social changes can be difficult -- and it can leave plenty of same-sex couples confused about both their rights and their obligations after a divorce.

How does Hawaii compare to other states regarding child support?

Every divorced parent has a picture of how they think child support and custody of the children will work -- but that picture can be heavily distorted not only by the stories of others but the geographical area in which you happen to live.

Does child support cover private school?

Like other states, Hawaii uses standard child support guidelines (CSG) to help parents calculate what they will need to pay in the event of a divorce or parental separation. Amounts vary, but in general are based on the number of children a couple has, each parent's earned income and the amount of time children spend with each parent.

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