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There's no excuse for domestic violence

Every year, the holiday season brings a lot of pressure to bear on individuals and families. Some people respond to the seasonal stressors by lashing out in anger at others.

Why? Domestic violence is largely about control. Abusers may just be seeking to gain a measure of control in life by controlling those around them. Some may simply feel that they're entitled to take out their frustrations on their family members because they pay the bills. Others may use abusive, coercive tactics to keep their partners in check and under their thumbs. Sometimes alcohol or drugs influence their actions.

None of that matters, however, when you're the victim of domestic violence. While it's helpful for an abuser to understand why they behave as they do so that they can learn how to better manage their emotions and reactions, no root cause for abuse justifies it.

Domestic violence occurs in all levels of society. Someone can be respected in their profession and community and still be abusive to their spouse or children at home, in private. Abusers are often expert at trying to place the blame for their bad behavior on their victims. They may even say, "I wouldn't hurt you if you were a better spouse," or something similar.

The reality is that no one is responsible for being the victim of domestic violence. Your only responsibility is to yourself and your children. If you're ready to escape an abusive environment, explore our pages for more information or contact our office for assistance with obtaining a restraining order and more.

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