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Are high-asset divorces always contentious?

Money can not only be a problem in many marriages, it can also be an issue in a lot of divorces. Some couples seem to end up fighting over every dollar, while others somehow manage to come to a fairly amicable split.

Why is this so?

According to some divorce attorneys, it has a lot to do with how much money is in the marital pot to be split. Even though you aren't supposed to be able to put a price tag on happiness, it turns out that you certainly can put a price tag on civility with your spouse during a split -- it's about $5 million dollars.

Below that point, and a couple is still actually part of the "fighting class" that's just a half-step financially behind the wealthy class to which they aspire membership. They're essentially right on the cusp of actual wealth -- but they are keenly aware of the fragility of their fortunes. That can put a divorcing couple at odds over every dollar as both parties try to maintain their status and hold onto their lifestyle.

Once you exceed that $5 million mark, money ceases to be much of a concern for most people. There's more than enough to go around and keep everyone comfortable after a divorce. The emotional security of having vast wealth makes it easy to be civil with a soon-to-be ex.

If you aren't married yet, a prenuptial agreement can help keep you out of a intense battle for assets during a divorce. If you're already married and headed for a divorce, however, it might be wise to find out how best to protect your rights.

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