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How to keep your job performance from slipping during divorce

It's difficult not to let your divorce affect every aspect of your world -- but allowing it free rein in your professional life can be career suicide. Even the most understanding of bosses will have a limit to their patience if you aren't performing.

Here's how to keep your divorce from tanking your career:

1. Compartmentalize as much as possible.

Drawing a mental line between "work" and "private life" can help you focus on one thing at a time. If you've never tried to separate your thoughts and emotions that way before, you may need a little help from a therapist who can coach you through the process. I can be helpful to have set times where you can focus on work -- and stay productive -- and set times where you're willing to deal with divorce issues.

2. Make phone calls from your spouse off-limits at work.

During your divorce, your spouse shouldn't contact you at work for anything short of an actual emergency (and, even then, only if it involves your kids, your property, or the divorce itself). Make it clear that you will let all calls go to voicemail and review them when you can spare the attention.

3. Be willing to work with your spouse.

The number one way to minimize the impact of a divorce on your life is to try to negotiate fairly with your spouse and stay open to compromise. That will help minimize the fighting, distractions and the time your divorce takes. This will free you to focus again on other things.

It's possible that a mediated divorce might help you work through things faster. Explore all your options before you decide how to proceed.

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