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Don't believe everything you hear about custody and support

As soon as you announce that you're seeking a divorce, well-meaning people are apt to offer their support and advice.

Thank them for their support but take their advice with a grain of salt -- if you take it at all. Too many people base their idea of what to expect during their divorce on what they hear from other people -- instead of the advice they get from their attorney.

Here are some of the most common things you may hear:

You're going to end up in court

Probably not. Most divorces can be settled without going through litigation. Divorce attorneys work hard to avoid expensive litigation by trying to find reasonable solutions to custody issues, support issues and the division of marital property and debts.

One of you will lose everything

No, you won't. While your circumstances will definitely change because you don't have a second income to rely on, the court tries to treat each spouse fairly when it comes to every issue -- including assets and support.

Your child can choose where to live

While the court may ask a child's opinion, particularly if he or she is old enough to make a mature decision, that's not the only factor the court will consider. Ultimately, the court wants to keep both parents involved in the child's life -- and is obligated to decide on a custody agreement that is in that child's best interests. Shared custody is heavily favored.

There are plenty of myths about divorce out there and you don't want to let them sink into your subconscious and guide your actions. Instead, review the information on our website further and reach out to our office to discuss your case in specific.

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