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What an uncontested divorce really means for you

Most people picture divorce as an adversarial process. They envision battling out every detail of their split with their spouse in court, in front of a judge.

That's actually the last thing that most couples want to happen -- and it's often highly unnecessary. Most of the time, it's far simpler, more economical and smarter to aim for an uncontested divorce instead.

What is an uncontested divorce?

"Uncontested" doesn't mean that you and your spouse agree to everything all at once. It just means that you are able to negotiate the details of your divorce -- including things like the division of property and the parenting plan for your children -- without the intervention of a judge.

An uncontested divorce is less costly than a contested one because it doesn't require endless rounds of discovery, depositions, consultations and courtroom appearances. It's also much more private. By the time the paperwork is handed to a judge, your divorce is largely a done deal. The judge just has to make certain that everything is in order, all the legal steps are complete and there are no obvious irregularities.

How do you get an uncontested divorce?

Uncontested divorces aren't always possible -- especially if your spouse is refusing to work with you or is abusive. However, most couples are ultimately willing to settle their differences without the intervention of a judge.

After all, would you rather be the one making the decisions about your future, or do you want to put that power in the hands of a family court judge who doesn't know you or your children?

If you are ready to talk about a divorce, contact our office to learn how we can help you work toward an agreeable split with your spouse that will keep you on track for an uncontested divorce.

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