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Modern technology comes to the rescue for co-parenting woes

Co-parenting is stressful. When parents divorce, one of the things that they quickly find out is that the divorce doesn't solve all their problems with their ex-spouse. When they have children, divorced parents are stuck negotiating with each other as they co-parent.

It's not always easy. Usually, the things that drove a couple apart in the first place start to create problems between them as they try to co-parent after the divorce. Fortunately, modern technology is coming to the rescue.

Yes, "there's an app for that." Co-parenting apps are part of the new wave of tools that are helping divorced parents find a way to negotiate a middle ground -- which eases tensions for the parents and children alike.

The apps can also ultimately save the parents thousands of dollars in legal fees and hours of court time by letting divorced parents work out their differences together -- instead of heading into court for constant modifications of the custody order or parenting plan.

How do apps like Our Family Wizard, Coparently and Talking Parents (which are three of the top-rated apps for divorced parents) make it easier to stay civil with your ex-spouse when talking about the kids?

In part, that's because they provide an electronic buffer between two people who can't get along. Some parents just find it easier to stay civil when they're communicating electronically. The simplified format of many apps helps keep personality conflicts from surfacing. In other cases, the apps themselves remind parents to stay civil with each other.

One app will issue a warning to a parent who uses inappropriate language in a message -- and then forward it on to the appropriate parties (like attorneys, mediators and judges) involved in a case if the message is sent anyway.

If you're struggling to keep things civil while co-parenting with your ex-spouse, consider the possibility that technology could help you. If that fails, however, a family law attorney can help you assert your rights in court.

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