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Don't ruin your child custody case with these social media acts

Your child custody case is important to you -- so make certain that you don't do anything that can affect the court's opinion of you in a negative way.

In today's world, that means watching what you do on social media. Just in case you think that it isn't a serious concern, consider these facts: 81% of attorneys find useful evidence from social media and Facebook evidence is seen in 66% of divorce cases.

If you really want to be safe, just delete your social media accounts entirely until your custody case is over. If that's not something you're willing to do, at least follow these rules:

1. Don't rant or rave

People tend to treat social media like it's their living room. They rant and rave and throw their emotions all over the place. It can be cathartic to electronically shout at the world about what a vicious human being your spouse is, how badly you've been treated, how miserable you are feeling emotionally and the financial mess you are in -- but these kinds of outbursts can make you look unstable if they're read in court.

2. Posting about drugs or alcohol

Sure, you're an adult and you're entitled to a glass of wine or a beer with dinner. However, that photo of you drinking on the night you had custody of the kids could be used to show that you're irresponsible. In addition, don't even post a joke about drugs -- unless you want to hear it relayed to the judge in your custody case.

3. Oversharing info about your case

It's far smarter to keep the details of your divorce and custody case to yourself. Don't discuss your meetings with your attorney, your strategy, your feelings about the judge or the court-appointed guardian ad litem for the kids. If you need to vent, find a therapist instead.

If you're struggling with a child custody issue, take the time to explore our site further or contact our office to talk about your case with an experienced representative.

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