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Don't let a false claim of domestic violence ruin your life

Could you fall victim to a false claim of domestic violence? It happens more often than many people realize.

When relationships go well, few believe that their partner or spouse would falsely accuse them of anything. When a relationship sours, however, people are often taken by surprise at just how "low" the other party will go. An argument where you tossed a file across the room in frustration or grabbed your spouse's arm to get their attention is suddenly exaggerated in court, amplified by your spouse's anger and imagination. The next thing you know, you're slapped with a protective order.

Here's the unfortunate reality of domestic violence accusations: Once they're started, they develop a life of their own, especially if there are children in the household. Even if the accuser recants these claims, there's often no way to turn things around.

Here are some of the unfortunate consequences of a false claim of domestic violence. As the victim of a false claim:

  • You may be publicly humiliated at your place of employment or elsewhere when you are served the protective order by the police.
  • You coulc be forced to vacate your home or apartment. You may not even be allowed to gather your personal effects before you are obliged to leave.
  • You will likely be denied any form of visitation with your children until the court determines it is safe for the children to be in your presence. At best, you may be allowed supervised visitation.
  • You will likely have to turn over any weapons you own. If you work in a job that requires you to use a weapon, you may not be able to remain on the job.

In many cases, false allegations of domestic violence are strategic events. The "victim" may be trying to gain a tactical advantage over you in a child custody battle or simply trying to force you to abandon the family home in order to strengthen his or her claim to it in court.

Making a mistake once you are accused could put you in danger of actual criminal charges. It's important to clear your name, regain your rights and move on -- and that isn't an easy task. Let our attorneys review your case and help you better understand what steps you need to take next -- and how to avoid even worse consequences.

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