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Denied visitation? Preserve your relationship and rights

Is your child's other parent denying you appropriate visitation with your children? Despite the fact that it's important for children to maintain a relationship with both their parents whenever possible, custodial parents will sometimes see fit to deprive non-custodial parents of their visitation rights.

Sometimes it is done out of revenge for a real or perceived wrong, sometimes it is done as "punishment" of sorts for failing to meet the custodial parent's demands. In still other instances, it's simply because the custodial parent is overprotective, unwilling to compromise or unwilling to be inconvenienced.

One of the most common reasons we hear parents say that they have been denied visitation is because they have fallen behind on child support. While that's a serious issue, visitation with your child is not dependent on your ability to pay support. You don't have to pay for the "privilege" of seeing your child.

Another reason given for denied visitation is that one of the parents has become romantically involved with another person. When the custodial parent gets involved with someone new, he or she may hope to cut the non-custodial parent out of the child's life so that he or she can essentially "start over" without the hassle of an ex being around.

When the non-custodial parent gets involved with someone new, the custodial parent may express fear about that person's behavior around their child. They may worry that the child will be mistreated or neglected and not trust the non-custodial parent to look out for the child's safety.

Sometimes, these issues can be resolved outside of court by some careful, sensitive negotiations. When that's not possible, however, you need to be willing to take the issue into court and fight for your right to have an ongoing relationship with your child. If you allow yourself to be shut out of your child's life, you may find your relationship is permanently damaged.

Don't let your child's other parent deprive you of your essential rights as a parent. Make an appointment with our office to discuss your options regarding visitation and custody.

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