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Do you really have to disclose all your finances in a divorce?

One of the biggest parts of any divorce process is the division of assets and debts. Unfortunately, many times one spouse (or both) may be somewhat unaware of the other spouse's financial dealings. That's why the court requires both parties to put all their "financial cards" on the proverbial table before the divorce can be settled.

This can be very disconcerting if you're used to keeping your financial information private even from your spouse -- but it's your legal obligation to make a full disclosure during the discovery process of a divorce.

Handling a child's graduation gracefully during divorce

Is your child about to graduate from high school or college? Whether your divorce is almost over or still in the beginning stages, events like a child's graduation can be stressful for both divorcing parents and their children -- especially if the ex-couple still has unresolved issues.

Here are some tips on how to handle a graduation event when you're in the midst of a divorce:

Don't ruin your child custody case with these social media acts

Your child custody case is important to you -- so make certain that you don't do anything that can affect the court's opinion of you in a negative way.

In today's world, that means watching what you do on social media. Just in case you think that it isn't a serious concern, consider these facts: 81% of attorneys find useful evidence from social media and Facebook evidence is seen in 66% of divorce cases.

Traveling with the kids after your divorce

When you were still married, traveling with the kids was no big deal. You and your spouse simply organized the trip, put the kids in the car and went where you pleased.

It's not quite that easy once you're divorced. Suddenly, every vacation you want to take with the kids has to be balanced against a number of issues -- some legal and some not.

Don't let divorce take you by surprise

Could you be headed for a divorce?

If your marriage has been stumbling along for a while now, there's a possibility that nothing more than fear of the unknown and inertia has been holding your spouse in place. Don't let yourself get taken by a surprise announcement that your spouse is on the way out the door. Here are some signs that divorce is imminent:

Who pays for college when the parents are divorced?

Child support obligations don't always end when a child turns 18 years of age -- especially if that child is going to college. Higher education expenses can be a complicated issue when parents are divorced.

Generally speaking, you can negotiate who pays for the kids' college educations with their other parent. Whatever you agree upon can then be included in your support agreement. Alternatively, you can let the court make the decision about college costs.

The problem of false allegations of domestic violence

Well-known actor Johnny Depp took a serious blow to his reputation -- and his career -- following allegations that he had violently abused his former wife, actress Amber Heard.

Now, after enduring the social stigma of being accused of domestic violence for a lengthy period, the actor has filed a $50 million defamation case against Heard. He claims that the actress perpetrated a fraud in order to gain public sympathy in the "Me Too" era and further her career.

How much does a divorce cost in 2019?

It's almost impossible to contemplate a divorce without thinking about the money involved. Divorce is, after all, expensive.

So, just how much can you expect to spend if you get a divorce this year? Honestly, there's no easy answer to that question because there are a lot of different factors involved that can raise (or lower) the cost -- but here are some basics to keep in mind:

Credit card points, airline miles and divorce

In the modern age, divorce can get tricky. The emotional aspects of a divorce are, naturally, difficult -- and dividing tangible goods can always be problematic. But it can really get rough when couples start to try to figure out how to handle digital assets like credit card points and airline miles.

While these issues may not be a concern for some couples, for others they're quite important -- the accrued values can be significant. So, what can you expect to happen?

Divorce, taxes and custody: What parents need to know

The ability to claim your children as your dependents is one of the most significant tax breaks that parents have, especially once you factor in things like the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). However, that seemingly straightforward process can become complicated once you're divorced.

Here are some important facts to remember about claiming your children as your dependents after divorce:

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